The Leadership Journey — My New YouTube Channel

I’ve been an explorer in the leadership and management universe for a long while. I’m hoping to share my thoughts with you using the audiovisual medium on YouTube.

The Leadership Journey — My new YouTube Channel
The Leadership Journey

Hi, folks! I just posted my intro video on my new YouTube channel. It explains the reasons why I decided to try something new.

I’ve been in professional software development for 25 years, and in the last 15 years I’ve held various leadership roles. But I wasn’t always interested in leadership or management.

I decided to work in software development for two main reasons: I’ve always loved creating, and I noticed that software development gave me the same satisfaction.

And I also loved the fact that software industry provided ample learning opportunities. I was not going to run out of things to learn. My job was never going to be boring and stale.

At first I knew I wanted to remain an individual contributor. I saw management as a necessary evil, at best. I probably wasn’t even very interested in distinguishing between leadership and management. I loved what I was doing. I was creating products that were useful.

In comparison, people were messier than computers, compilers and debuggers. So my having a leadership position happened somewhat reluctantly. I was wary. I distinctly remember that I was afraid of being stuck at a job where I didn’t learn much, and I was also afraid of losing the edge off my technical skills.

But what I discovered over time was simply amazing. Leadership and management was like a gate that transported me to a different universe with as much learning opportunities. It also allowed me to become a better person (and later a better parent). Some of those skills and concepts are definitely very close to my heart now.

In The Leadership Journey YouTube channel I want to share a part of this passion with you, if you’re willing to watch.

I’m a life-long student, so I’m here and there not as an expert, far from it, but at best, as an explorer.

Just like in anything, please take what I’m saying with a healthy dose of skepticism, and think, and do some research.

If I can stir your mind and gently provoke your thoughts I would be very happy. If I can inspire you, that would be the best gift I can get from this channel.

So please be generous with your comments and feedback. I’m not looking for compliments (though they are always nice to hear), but mostly for being challenged.

Thanks for joining me in this journey.

(Update, Oct 03, 2021 — My first video is here: Book Review & Mini Summary — Inspired by Marty Cagan)




Engineering Leader in Software Development. Avid reader. Passionate communicator of ideas and experiences. Coach. Mentor. Beekeeper.

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Yağız "Yaz" Erkan

Engineering Leader in Software Development. Avid reader. Passionate communicator of ideas and experiences. Coach. Mentor. Beekeeper.

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